Friday, October 17, 2008

The Body Never Lies

For a week I was really doubting myself and experiencing higher anxiety than usual, all around business stuff. Wednesday morning went to yoga class, no more than got there, put my tense body flat on the mat, closed my eyes - and got it! I was in a business relationship that wasn't working and I needed to end it. It wasn't that "they" were wrong and I was right, it was just not a good fit. Since the relationship was only a week old with no contract at that point, it was easy to say what I needed with no bad energy coming from either party. The other party was in the same place, I suspect. What a huge relief! My anxiety immediately deflated and I have slept well two nights in a row. When will I ever get it? When my anxiety is off the map, something is not working and I have to fix it. Back on track now, moving forward on the path of my heart.

Anyone have any of their own insights that helped you find peace?


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Carrie Wilson Link said...

Love this story - you're so right, the body never lies, if we would just shut up and listen to it! Good for you for doing so!

I have been churning over the fact that someone has a complete misunderstanding of a situation. I cannot let it go. Ironically, I don't even care that much about this person, but I just hate thinking they are thinking the "wrong" thing about me. Finally someone wise said to me, "You can either get in there and try to straighten it all out, which will only serve to entangle you further with someone you don't even like, or you can live with the discomfort - which will soon pass."