Monday, October 13, 2008

Good Advice

Yesterday was one of those days that "everything" went wrong technically while I was trying to get out an announcement of two upcoming trunk shows. First, I somehow deleted 30 names off my personal mailing list. Darn...that was work to get that back together, fortunately, I had printed out the list the day before. Just before hitting the SEND button, I made a modification to the signature with the link to my website by capitalizing the first letter of each word, thought it looked better... Finally, after copying it from my other computer, without my awareness, it changed the line formatting squishing it all into one paragraph only to be observed on my blind copy. As soon as the email went out almost simultaneously I received an email back from one of the artists that the link wouldn't work... Wringing my hands, I sent her an email thanking her but not sure what to do. She shot back an email with just one word - "Breathe". I did and felt much better. Thank you Ruth!

Please share what you do to take care of yourself.


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Carrie Wilson Link said...

Thank the Universe for its divine plan, and sense of humor?