Friday, October 10, 2008

Walk the Talk

My radio is off this morning after about a half hour of bad news. It gets unhealthy for me to listen to that too much. Skimmed the newspaper without reading the headline stories about the dangerous economic situation. Moved right into the food section...

Starting a new business is both challenging and exciting at the same time. Something came up yesterday that could have rocked my boat and very honestly it did, but it just rocked, it didn't take on any water... Anyway, my challenge is to stay positive, and think of a new challenge as an opportunity for creative problem solving rather than to view it as serious obstacle. I don't have to go into crisis mode. I've always thought of myself as a creative problem solver and here is yet another opportunity to approach things with complete attention and an open mind. I decided that I will need to find people to work with me that also believe in creative solutions and don't have a dark view. For some time I've been working on visualizing what I want in my life and that will continue to be my motto today and tomorrow and so on. Just take a deep breath and trust that I will know what to do next.

Time to do a little yoga and meditation with my lovely friend Kwan Yin, the lady Buddha.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

I'm sticking with you and Kwan Yin - you two have the right idea.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Finding positive people with whom to work is essential. Best of luck and prayers for your new biz. (I found you through Carrie's blog.)

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